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Opto S&D is an international design and manufacturing company specialized in delivering Aerospace, Defense and Industrial solutions. Established in 1985 at São Carlos, SP, Brazil, as a division of OPTO Eletronica S/A, since 2017 Opto S&D is a company fully owned by Akaer Group.


OPTO S&D has been a market leader in developing leading edge products for over 30 years. In Brazil and throughout South and Central America, the Opto S&D brand is well known for its excellence in the design and manufacture of precision optical system and components, high reliability electronic systems, fine mechanics and system engineering.


Our corporate headquarters, located in São Carlos, has extensive facilities including state of the art research and development laboratories, optical shops, fine mechanics and sophisticated manufacturing plants. With high quality manufacturing processes and machinery, such as CNC machine tools for fine mechanics manufacturing, production and inspection of precision optical components and systems,  specialized electronics assembly and testing, embedded software development and verification, Opto S&D can ensure the design and production of highest  quality fully certified products for aerospace and defense applications.


 In addition to a heavy emphasis and investment in both human and industrial infrastructure, Opto S&D has a high level of vertical integration in its design and manufacturing processes, ensuring well balanced technological decisions with the goal to achieve the best and highest quality systems and independent solutions. Through manufacturing many high quality and critical components in-house, Opto S&D decreases reliance on critical external suppliers and can ensure the optimal product quality, supreme value and consistent reliability.


Opto S&D provides solutions and products in the following areas:


High Resolution Imaging Cameras for Satellite Applications, multispectral imagers




Laser Guiding and Detection Systems, Laser Range Finders, Laser and RF proximity fuses Thermal vision systems, IR imaging systems, airborne multispectral cameras


Spherical and aspherical lenses, Prisms, edges, reference flats, IR optics, Dichroic filters, Specialized Anti-Reflective coatings for Aerospace, Radiation Resistant Coatings


Specialized solutions using thermal vision systems, multispectral cameras

Testing Infrastructure

Opto S&D employs a full range of measurement and testing instruments to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards and protocols, providing our customer with the highest quality and reliability. This infrastructure includes the following:

  • Phase shift interferometers, low coherence interferometers, with broad range of flat and sphere references
  • Radiometers and Spectrophotometers, Visible and IR
  • Radiometric Integrating sphere and references; Visible and IR
  • Thermo-vacuum chamber with optical testing capabilities
  • Collimators, telescope optical references, alignment stations
  • Full range of metrological references with standards traceability
  • CNC  equipment for generating aspherical and spherical lenses; reference flats and prisms
  • Surface Profilometer; 3D high precision measurement station
  • Full range of metrological references and Quality warranty procedure

Human Resources

Opto S&D currently has 40 employees involved directly with research, development and engineering activities in R&D Department. The majority of Opto S&D research, development and design staff have tertiary level education (Phd, Masters, Bachelors) in physics, optics, electronics, mechanical and material engineering.

 The Opto S&D design team has expertise including experience in the following fields:


• Optical System Design, opto thermal and opto elastics simulation and testing

• Mechanical and Structural Design, static and dynamic

• Precision Engineering

• Thermal Systems Design, thermal aerospace design and evaluation

• System Engineering, simulation

• Reliability prediction, FMEA, FMECA

• Embedded Software Design and Verification

• Advanced Electronic Design, Signal processing, VHDL/FPGA synthesis and validation, full Digital and Analogue simulation and testing capabilities

• Management and Quality, PMP certification, IFI CCPA, ASQ membership

Advanced Research and Development Facilities

In order to consistently design and produce superior components, instruments, and systems, for use in Aerospace and Defense systems, Opto S&D relies on our state of the art R&D laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

Opto R&D and Manufacturing Facilities Include

Management And Quality Assurance Certifications

  • Clean Room Facilities: Class 10.000, Class 1.000, with full environmental control and monitoring
  • Vibration isolated laboratories, with Seismic block Isolation , as well Vibration Isolated Tables and Stands
  • High precision alignment and opto mechanical Assembly tools
  • High sensitive Electronics Assembly with ESD Compliance , Space qualified products, and qualified personnel
  • Optical, Mechanical, Thermal and Electronics Design and Simulation software Tool, CAD/CAE/CAM
  • Fully integrated and secured Project Data Banks
  • ISO 9001
  • NBR 15100 (Aerospace, AS 9100)
  • EED (Brazilian Government Strategic Defense Company)

Projects and Products Delivered


Multispectral Camera, LEO, 8º FOV, 4 bands, 20 meters ground resolution


Wide Field Imager, WFI Consortium, LEO, 54º FOV, 4 bands, 82 meters ground resolution

INPE PMN AWFI Amazonia-1

Amazonia-1 Brazilian Multi Mission Platform, Advanced Wide field Imager, LEO, 26º FOV, 4 bands, 40 meters ground resolution


For MAA-1A, MAA-1B, MAR Brazilian missile programs


Specialized optical systems, periscopes, lunettes for Defense


Infrared seeker for the A-Darter Joint Brazilian South Africa missile program


Uncooled portable thermal lunette for Brazilian Specialized Armed Forces


Cooled Long Range thermal sight for the MSS 1.2 Firing post


For armored vehicles

R. Joaquim A. R. de Souza, 1071 - ZIP 13.563-330 - São Carlos/SP - Brazil

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